Hey, come and teach English as a volunteer

YOU have an amazing skill that could change the lives of poor children on the tsunami coast of southern Thailand - you can speak English.
Thai children have to learn English to a good level before they are accepted for university. Unfortunately, although Thai teachers do a good job of teaching them written English, almost none of them ever comes into contact with native English speakers. This means they have no clear idea about pronunciation. However bright the child, if the school is too poor to employ a native English speaker, the lack of
higher education can mean a life without chances or choices.
Volunteer Teacher Thailand specifically addresses this problem - and you are the key to success of its strategy of putting English speakers into poor schools.
At the same time, we firmly believe in you having a good volunteer experience. We want the work to be satisfying for you and the whole experience to be enjoyable and life-enhancing.
Why not join us for an experience of a lifetime ... both yours and the lives of the children you help.

Volunteer Teacher Thailand

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It is easy, it is rewarding, it is fun ... and it is making a big difference

Costs vary depending on the programme you choose.  VTT is a
not4profit organisation


There are three programmes to choose from
details now

We never charge for teaching: it is free for children and adults alike

Volunteer Teacher Thailand is a non-profitmaking service run by 100% volunteer staff. All teaching is free.

We work along the fabulous Andaman coast of southern Thailand with
education authority. Our lessons are part of school timetables.

We teach spoken English to students ranging from six years old to 15 years old.

VTT registered with www.idealist.org.

Your work will be recognised with a certificate when
you leave us. And rewarded with memories that
will last your
whole life.

We raise money just to keep the service running in an area that needs our - your! - help. Apart from the benefits to Thais, we also make sure that volunteers have a good and fulfilling experience and that they benefit from our low-cost Andaman environment

You can come and stay in
Khao Lak and join one of our teams for teaching in schools

You have to pay a registration fee (to keep the services running) and your own living expenses – you will enjoy experiences never to be forgotten